Add a wood TV stand to any room

Wood TV Stand

One of the most common problems today in home and office decorating is what to do with the television. As the nation makes the switch to high definition broadcasting television screens are widening to accommodate the new broadcast standard. An unfortunate consequence for the consumer is that many new televisions will not fit into existing entertainment centers. In many circumstances a wood TV stand is the perfect solution. The new television models are wider but they are also markedly thinner and much lighter Therefore, they do not need the bulky support their predecessors did. Also, ridding a room of an entertainment center frees a great deal of space. A wood TV stand from can fit into almost any decor, whether for your living room or a lobby or conference room at the office.

Sanus Wood speaker stands

Sanus speaker stands

Another common issue today is how to incorporate surround sound or stereo speakers into a room. is proud to offer Sanus speaker stands, which come in a wide variety of attractive styles that will complement any room. In addition to being an attractive way to mount sound equipment, they also lift the speakers off the floor. This not only protects the speaker from children, pets and the stray foot of a guest, but also acknowledges the fact that most are designed to be elevated. Otherwise, a great deal of energy is wasted as sound is broadcast into the floor! Most styles of Sanus speaker stands can be equipped with universal mounts that will securely hold almost any model of speaker. Remember, every item from, including speaker and TV stands, ships free.