Presenters need AVFI speaker podiums

Speaker podiums

With all of today's technological advancements speakers have more equipment than ever before. But if you even go to lectures you know the most basic and useful piece of furniture is still the podium. Even a basic small slanted tabletop raised to the level of a standing speaker is useful. Podiums are an incredibly convenient way for presenters to store materials they need without being forced to sit behind a desk or lean over and lose the important connection they have established with their audience. For example, the average speaker may be using:

  • Notes and papers
  • Laptop
  • Microphone
  • Video equipment
  • Overhead projector
  • Laser pointer

There is no better way to give a base of operations to a speaker than with a nice functional podium. Today's speaker podiums are available in models that are able to store everything in the list above or the simplest platform on a post. carries a wide range of both metal and wood podiums that are not only functional but will also match the decor of any presentation room or lecture hall nicely.

AVFI Wood podiums are stylish and efficient

wood podiums

Looking for a podium that had the style to match your office? Trying to match the traditional benefits of the podium with the additional storage necessary for all of today's equipment doesn't have to be a challenge, we know it may be difficult to match the classically styled wood podiums. Even though they are large enough to accommodate several shelves, many are available on casters to facilitate easy movement of the piece to various locations. Some even have wings, or side shelves, so that overhead projectors can be easily used without requiring the additional furniture. Almost every speaker, from static lecturers to the most dynamic presenters can benefit from the convenience of podiums from