TV Wall Mounts

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TV wall mounts and TV wall mounting brackets are the most popular choices for displaying flat screen TVs and monitors whether in a home, office or retail space. TV wall mounts are available for televisions ranging from 10" to over 90". You can display your TV in portrait or landscape orientation. Wall mounts come in a variety of adjustable options, from fixed low-profile mounts to tilt mounts to those that swing out and have articulating arms. The TV mounts that we offer are made by leading manufacturers in the mounting industry like Peerless, Chief, Crimson, Premier Mounts and Omnimount.

Every TV wall mount and monitor mount is designed to be secured to a stud in the wall, either wood or concrete. The stud adds stability to the wall mount and secures your TV will not pull away and be damaged in a fall. When you choose a TV wall mounting bracket you will need to consider where you will be mounting your flat screen or monitor, and whether or not you will need to be able to adjust the screen up or down, left or right, in order to view it. If you do not need to adjust it, a low profile TV wall mount will work for you. However, if you will need to adjust the screen to view it, you should consider purchasing a swing out TV wall mount. An articulating or cantilever wall mount will allow you to place your monitor or screen exactly where you want it so that you can adjust the viewing angle for optimum enjoyment. A low profile wall mount will not allow adjusting. A flat low-profile TV wall mount is designed to hold your flat screen close to the wall, just like a photograph in a frame. Monitor mounts and flat screen mounts from leading manufacturers like Crimson AV, Premier Mounts, OmniMount and Peerless Mounts are popular mount choices due to their high quality and UL ratings. If you need help choosing, give us a call. Our sale team has experience with mount installation, and our expert staff is ready to point you to the perfect monitor mount or monitor mounting accessories.