Wall Mounts for Large TVs and Monitors

Wall Mount for Flat Screen TV

Chances are high that the next TV purchase you make will be of the flat screen variety. Large TVs are becoming more affordable, and it's likely you'll be looking for a mounting bracket suitable for the size and weight of your TV. The next step will be choosing a location for this investment, which will likely result in a TV wall mount purchase. For large TVs, this option is both aesthetically desirable and provides optimal viewing. The TV wall mount creates a modern appearance and provides a theater-like experience while also freeing up floor space.

Different mounting options include:

  • Flush TV Wall Mount: This type is the most commonly used. It sets the TV about one inch off the wall and it remains stationary for viewing.
  • Tilting TV Wall Mount: There are two variations of the tilt option, one tilts by hand and the other uses a tool. With this mount, the screen can be flush to the wall or tilted downward for different viewing purposes.
  • Articulating or Swing Out TV Wall Mount: The articulating wall mount design uses a revolving arm that that can adjust the TV viewing position up and down and left to right. This is typically used on smaller TV models. It can be beneficial for rooms with shifting light, as the TV can be adjusted to avoid glare.
  • Ceiling TV Mount: Another variation for mounting your flat screen is the ceiling mount, which is used for larger rooms that contain a viewing area that is not conducive to a wall mount system.

The good news is that most TV wall mounts are universal to varying TV sizes and are relatively easy to install with the right tools and an extra hand. However, there are several factors to consider when selecting a wall mount for a large TV. Check the owner’s manual for specific weight and TV mount requirements. You’ll also want to factor in the specifics of the room, such as TV height and potential glare from nearby windows or lighting. Another issue is the electric outlet and loose wires. Most can be fished through an interior wall, but it may be necessary to consult an electrician if you are unsure.

Wall Mounting Large Screen TVs: Special Considerations

Generally the same rules apply to wall mount large TV as wall mounting any size of flat screen. But, the large TVs are typically heavier, which will impact the location for mounting. For example, it is crucial to install the mounting bracket system on a wall with wooden studs and to install directly into them. Drywall, plaster, and metal studs simply cannot bear the weight and your investment will be at risk. It is also necessary to use very secure brackets to wall mount large TVs, which will help further strengthen the mounting system.

You will find everything you need to mount any size of flat screen TV or monitor, small to large, at StandsandMounts.com. Give us a call if you want us to double-check comparability. We are hear to help!