Audio Visual Furniture Removable Podium Wedge (CNL28 CNLYZ13 CNLYZ26 CNLYZ40)

Mfg Part # CNL
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AVFI's CNL wedges are specifically designed to work with PD series podiums. They feature:

  • Removable console for podiums.
  • Available in six different models.
  • Cut-outs are not included.

Model Details:

  • CNLYZ13: Works with PDYZ35/38 and LEXYZ34
  • CNLYZ26: Works with PDYZ35/38 and LEXYZ34
  • CNL28: Works with PD3003 and PD3004
  • CNL30: Works with PD3006
  • CNL39: Works with PD3001, PD3002 and PD3007
  • CNLYZ40: Works with PDYZ35