Touchstone Infra-Red Repeater (Black) 70012

Touchstone Infra-Red Repeater (Black) 70012

TOUCHSTONE | Mfg Part # 70012 | Item Number TOUCHSTONE-70012
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Touchstones Infra-red (IR) Repeater Kit extends the operating range of your hand-held remote control and allow you to operate your audio and video components behind the closed doors of our TV lift cabinet's that feature solid wood front panels.

Touchstone's TV lift cabinets are designed with a small slot near the top corner of the cabinet that fits the IR Eye Receiver included with this kit. The IR Repeater Kit uses the IR Eye Receiver to take in IR signals from your existing remote controls and relays them through the IR Repeater. The IR Repeater then sends the signals out through two IR Emitters directly into your audio and video components.

The IR Repeater kit comes with an IR Eye Receiver, IR Repeater, two outputting IR Emitters, a receiver connection cord, power supply, and easy to install adhesive backed velcro attachment strips

  • IR Repeater Dimensions : 4.25" W x 1.2" H x 2.1" D
  • Operates in virtually any environment: near plasma displays, fluorescent lights, and indirect sunlight
  • Wide bandwidth works with virtually all brands of remote controls
  • Can be used with up to eight emitter outputs through 3.5mm output jacks
  • UL approved power supply
  • 1 Year Warranty


Condition: new
Color: Black
Height: 01.20 in.
Width: 04.25 in.
Depth: 02.10 in
Delivery Options: Free Shipping
Item Number TOUCHSTONE-70012
Manufacturer TOUCHSTONE
Mfg Part # 70012