A desktop mount for TV is great for the home

Table Stand for Plasma TV

A desktop or table top stand for a TV, or a monitor stand are nice for home or office. Waiting room, living room or even a conference room these stands will work nicely, but if you are trying to put multiple units into a venue the table stand is impractical. Many businesses today, such as sports bars and restaurants, employ dozens of screens in a single location. They also often need to mount the televisions high enough to be seen over a crowd. Obviously, as useful as they can be a table stand for a TV is just not going to work for many applications.

Peerless monitor and TV stands are attractive

Peerless plasma TV stands

Peerless monitor stands, TV stands and mounts are designed to create options for TV monitor display. Many of their TV stands are no taller than others but are designed to have a smaller footprint and use less space than other models. Of course, they also offer high-rise pedestal models, some with rotation and screen tilting features. Peerless monitor stands are only the beginning, though. Their wide range of wall and ceiling mounts, particularly multi-unit models, will allow you to place a television screen virtually anywhere you wish. Use our navagation on the left to find the many pieces that you are looking for, and call us with any questions that you may have.

Standsandmounts.com is proud to offer the Peerless family of products as a solution for tv stands for flat screens. Adapters and other accessories will allow you to be confident that your plasma screens are properly and securely mounted to the stand or ceiling piece that you choose. Whether you need one or two displays to tower above your crowds or wish to create an environment that allows you to keep an eye on the game no matter where you are looking, Peerless has the hardware you need.