Stereo Cabinets

Store your AV Components in a Stereo Component Cabinet stocks audio racks and stereo stands made by VTI, Middle Atlantic, AVFI, Audio Visual Furniture International, Avteq, Plateau, Sanus and other high equality manufacturers of audio component furniture. At you'll find stylish, practical and affordable stereo racks and stands and stereo cabinets for all of your electronic components. Whether you are looking for an attractive audio rack for your living room, family room, bedroom or at-home cinema, we have a wide selection of quality racks and stands that will meet all your AV needs. Stereo stands are available in many styles and finishes ranging from metal to wood with glass shelves or wooden shelves. While most stereo racks come with a fixed amount of shelves to hold your electronic components, modular audio racks allow you to add as many shelves as you need for DVD players, cable boxes, AV receivers and more. Audio racks and stereo component stands are a great way to display or store your AV receiver, satellite box, disc player, digital media streamer, recorder, cable box and other audio video components. You can either place their AV electronics on an open-shelved audio rack or tuck them away behind the closed doors of a stereo cabinet. You might choose to free up floor space and utilize wall space with a component wall mount.

What's the difference between an audio rack and stereo cabinet? Simply put, a stereo cabinet has doors or drawers. Deciding on whether to buy a cabinet or a rack is simply a matter of style, function and personal taste. Stereo cabinets have doors that work with remote controls so that you can keep the doors closed while controlling your components remotely. Along with keeping the dust out, doors are also useful in keeping small hands away from fun component knobs. If you want to store components behind doors to block the components visually, choose a cabinet with solid doors. Of course there are many cabinets available with glass doors for the audio enthusiast who likes to see the gear..