Sound Isolation

Create high-quality acoustics in your home, music room, studio or office by using these acoustical treatment products. A large range of sound absorbing construction materials, vibration isolation platforms, sturdy sound barriers, sound diffusors and bass traps are available. If you need help placing an order, call our Sales line on 1-800-807-1477.

Sound Absorbers
Acoustic absorption materials eliminate sound reverberations for a crisp, clean, echo- and slap-free recording. High-quality acoustic foam & studio-designed acoustic fiberglass are both available within this section. Find acoustic aborption products here.
Bass Traps by Auralex
Absorb low-frequency sound waves by installing one of these acoustic bass traps, specifically designed to clean up low-frequency responses within a room. Bass trap panels, columns and corner pieces are all available.
Auralex Contruction Products
Stop sound from traveling in or out of your room by installing any of these in-wall, sound-proof construction materials. Acoustic sound barriers are available in a number of sizes for new or retro-fit applications.
Isolation Footers
Isolation foot spikes reduce the contact foot print of your electronic component in order to minimize its potential for vibration. Isolating foot pads, stiletto footers and all related parts are available here.
Adhesives & Fasteners
Use these adhesives to mount your sound-proofing acoustic foam on any sturdy surface. We now offer liquid and spray adhesives, allowing easy installation in any size room.
Sound Isolation Accessories
All additional accessories for mounting or installing your sound-proof system are accessible under this link. See separate sections for our growing range of isolating feet, adhesive and fasteners.