Projection Screens

Projection Screens Are Available in Several Styles

Desktop and Tabletop Screens
Desktop and Tabletop Projector Screens
Electric Motorized Screens
Electric Motorized Projection Screens
Fixed Frame Projector Screens
Fixed Frame Projector Screens - Permanent Installation
Pull Up and Pull Down Projector Screens
Projection Screens that you manually pull down and put back up.
Tripod and Floor-Stand Projector Screens
Floor-Standing Projector Screens
Outdoor Projection Screens
Projection Screens for Outdoor Use
Projection Screens have been widely used in business and educational settings, but have recently made their way into the home theater realm. Choosing a projection screen is as easy as knowing how you intend to use the screen. Each kind of projection screen has its specific benefits. Desktop and tabletop projection screens are usually smaller screens that can be easily transported or moved from room to room. This is also true of pull-up projector screens and tripod or floor standing projection screens. Some projection screens are not meant to be moved, mostly because of their size. These include electric and motorized projection screens as well as fixed frame projector screens. has a wide range of rollaway, pull-down, wall-mountable, freestanding and electric motorized projection screens. We carry the best screens on the market including those made by Elite Screens. We also have screen mounting accessories, including j-hooks, l-brackets, eye receivers and remote controls. The use of a projector often also necessitates the use of a projector mount. All of our projection screens, projector mounts and screen accessories ship for free!