Choosing a Monitor Stand or TV Stand

Monitor Stand or TV Stand

There are several factors to take into account when choosing the right stand for your TV or monitor. First, it is important to assess how much space the TV requires, as well as the additional space you want, need, or require for the whole center. Simple models will use comparatively less space, if the room is small or if the television is not the focal point. On the other hand, large pieces of furniture that serve as TV stands or monitor stands can change the whole dynamic of the room.

Second, matching or coordinating with other furniture in the room will unify the décor. Selecting the same style or adding a painted entertainment center with natural wood can make a statement. Another option is to choose a material other than wood, like metal or steel, for the monitor or TV stand.

Lastly, consider all of the peripherals that will be accessorizing the TV. How much storage will be necessary and how will it be stored? A place for components like DVD players, gaming systems, speakers, cable or satellite boxes, recording devices, and more can all be safely and neatly tucked away with the right entertainment center.

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Electric TV Lift Cabinets: Another Option

Another option in housing a monitor or TV include the pop up unit. A TV lift cabinet accommodates most flat screen televisions and monitors, and its basic feature is that a mechanism raises the TV from the unit when it is in use, and lowers it out of sight when it is off. Therefore, while the TV is not being viewed, the piece looks like a typical credenza or side table. This choice is ideal for multifunction rooms where TV viewing is not always the primary use.

It is still important to consider the aforementioned factors when purchasing the TV lift cabinet. First, be sure that the TV and its speakers can fit correctly within the unit. Also important is the storage of other media. If the idea of disguising the television is right for the room, another alternative would be an entertainment center that has doors. has a wide selection of units to meet any flat screen or plasma configuration.