Versatile Peerless TV wall mounts

Peerless TV wall mounts

There is a Peerless wall mount for virtually every television available today. These are not cookie cutter, one size fits all pieces of generic hardware. Peerless TV wall mounts are supported by scores of accessories to ensure a secure connection for any type of television, flat screen or older style models with picture tubes. In fact, they even make projector mounts and mounts for speakers. Standsandmounts selection of their products will allow you to place a television screen in almost any location you can imagine. Our qualified sales staff is here to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect mounting bracket for your application.

Peerless wall mount products

Peerless Wall Mount

Peerless TV wall mounts are available in several styles to accommodate different television sets and mounting surfaces. In addition to hardware for standard and high definition flat screens, they also offer connections for monitors. Some Peerless wall mount units allow for a screen tilt and others allow you to add a component like a DVD player, cable box or electronic component.

Of course, Peerless does not restrict itself to television sets. Besides Peerless TV mount units they also make hardware to hang speakers, DVD players and even projectors. There are even options that will allow you to mount shelves for electronic components on the wall. carries a full line of sturdy Peerless products.

Peerless TV mounting options

There are more ways to use a Peerless TV mount that merely attaching a screen to the wall. It is also possible to suspend units from the ceiling. Also, smaller screens (especially those being used as computer monitors) may be affixed to a desk or table top or even under a cabinet with the appropriate Peerless TV mount. Of course, if mounting is not an option, there are several great Peerless flat screen tv stands and pedestals to choose from in the inventory, all with free shipping and fast delivery.