Peerless Lightweight Variable Position Suspended Ceiling Kit CMJ455

Mfg Part # CMJ455
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The CMJ455 Lightweight Suspended Ceiling Plate is specifically designed to install lightweight projector mounts on suspended ceilings. It features:

  • One 8x24" filler tray and one 15.75x24" ceiling tray, replacing one 24x24" ceiling tile.
  • A two-piece design, offering five different points for mount attachment.
  • 8-gauge, cold-rolled steel construction.
  • Included tray reinforcements, tie wires, flush mount tube, heavy-duty hardware and center "fifth tie" safety cable.
  • A white, fused epoxy finish.
  • Two knockout panels for electrical outlet boxes.
  • 1.5" 11.5 NPT fitting for easy attachment of fixed or adjustable-length extension columns.
  • A 50 pound weight capacity.
  • Add more stability by adding accessory hanger brackets and clamps (ACC455)

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