Manufacturer Monitor Model # Articulating Swivel Mount
3M M150 LCA 100
Acer AL 501 LCA 100
Advancorp AGM12TG LCA 100
Advancorp AGM15TK / -TE / -TEW LCA 100
Advancorp AGM17TA LCA 100
Advancorp AGM18TA / AGM18TK LCA 100
AG Neovo F-15, F-215 LCA 100
AG Neovo F-315 LCA 100
AG Neovo S-15T, S-15V LCA 100
AG Neovo X-215 LCA 100
AG Neovo F-17, F-217 LCA 100
AG Neovo F-317 LCA 200
AG Neovo S-17, X-174 LCA 100
AG Neovo S-18 LCA 100
AG Neovo S-19 LCA 100
Audiovox FP1510 LCA AV1
Batesisas CL-150GPT LCA 100
Benq FP547, FP557s, FP567 LCA 100
Benq FP581, FP581s, FP591 LCA 100
Benq Q150 LCA 100
Benq FP747, FP751, FP752 LCA 100
Benq FP767, FP 781, FP 791 LCA 200
Benq FP882 LCA 100
Benq FP2081, H200 LCA 200
Compaq FP745A LCA 100
Compaq FP5315, TFT 1501, 1520 LCA 100
Compaq TFT5005, TFT5004 LCA 100
Compaq TFT5010 LCA 100
Compaq TFT5015, TFT5030 LCA 100
Compaq FP7317, TFT1701, 7010 LCA 100
Compaq TFT7020 LCA 100
Compaq TFT8020, 1825, 8030 LCA 100
Compaq TFT2025 LCA 200
Computer Dynam XV-M10 LCA 100
Computer Dynam VAMP Slim Vista LCA 100
Cornea Systems CT1700, CT1702, 1702t LCA 100
Cornea Systems CT1810 LCA 100
CTX PV505, PV510 LCA 100
CTX PV520 (requires wall mount adapter from CTX) LCA 100
CTX PV700b, PV-710M LCA 100
CTX SV900MD, PV910MD LCA 200
CTX H2300 Not offered
Cybernetman LCD2001 / LCD2001B LCA 100
Cybernetman LCD2002 / LCD2002B LCA 100
Dell 1503FP LCA 100
Dell 1700FP, 1701FP LCA 100
Dell 1702FP LCA 100
Dell W1700 LCA 200
Dell 1800FP LCA 100
Dell 1900FP LCA 100
Dell 2000FP LCA 200
Dell W2300 Not offered
Dome Imaging S. C3, C5 Not offered
EIZO L330, L350, L350P LCA 100
EIZO L351, L365, L371, L375 LCA 100
EIZO L461, L465 LCA 100
EIZO L661, L661P, L665 LCA 100
EIZO L671, L675, L680, L685 LCA 100
EIZO L771 LCA 200
EIZO FC-2090, FC-2091 LCA 200
Electrograph DTS17V / VS / VW LCA 100
Electrograph DTS18 LCA 100
ELO 1525L, 1524L, 1526L LCA 100
ELO 1527L, 1545L LCA 100
Envision EN5200e LCA 100
Envision EN1700e, EN7100s LCA 100
Envision EN7500 LCA 200
Envision EN8100e / EN8500 LCA 100
Fujitsu-Siemens 38B2-M, 383VFA, S5 LCA 100
Fujitsu-Siemens X15-1, 3816 FA-M LCA 100
Fujitsu-Siemens 4312FA, 43B1-M, S7 LCA 100
Fujitsu-Siemens 462VFA, 462EFA LCA 100
Fujitsu-Siemens 4613FA, 4614 FA LCA 100
Fujitsu-Siemens X19-1 LCA 200
Fujitsu-Siemens 5110 FA LCA 200
GVision L7VH-TS LCA 100
Hewlett Packard L1500/1502/1510/1520 LCA 100
Hewlett Packard L1702, L1720 LCA 100
Hewlett Packard L1800, L1810, L1820 LCA 100
Hewlett Packard L1825 LCA 100
Hewlett Packard L2025 LCA 200
Hitachi CML152, CML 152B LCA 100
Hitachi CML153/B, CML154/B LCA 100
Hitachi CML155V LCA 100
Hitachi CML170(b)+, CML171/B LCA 100
Hitachi CML 174/B LCA 100
Hitachi CML181, CML181B LCA 100
Hitachi CML190B LCA 100
Hitachi CML200B LCA 200
IBM L150, L150P LCA 100
IBM T56A, T560 LCA 100
IBM T540, T545 LCA 100
IBM T750 LCA 100
IBM 6734ABO LCA 100
IBM T860, T84 LCA 100
IBM T210 LCA 200
IBM T74/9495 LCA 100
IBM T221 Not offered
Iicon IP-1500 / 1501 / 1502 LCA 100
Iicon IP-1810 / 1811 / 1812 LCA 100
Iicon IP-2011 Not offered
Iiyama AX 3843D LCA 100
Iiyama Pro Lite 3814 / 3817 LCA 100
Iiyama Pro Lite 3819, 3835 LCA 100
Iiyama AS4341D LCA 100
Iiyama AS4841D LCA 100
Iiyama Pro Lite 4314, 4315 LCA 100
Iiyama Pro Lite 4332, 4431 LCA 100
Iiyama Pro Lite 4611, 4636 LCA 100
Iiyama Pro Lite 4637 LCA 100
Iiyama Pro Lite 4831 LCA 200
Iiyama Pro Lite 5131DT LCA 200
Iiyama Pro Lite 5311D LCA 200
Image Systems FP1500HBMAX LCA 100
Image Systems FP1700MAX LCA 100
Image Systems FP1700HBMAX LCA 100
Image Systems FP1800HB/RMAX Not offered
Image Systems FP2080HBMAX LCA 200
Image Systems FP2400MAX LCA 200
JVC LT26WX84 Please refer to charts for 30"e;+ screens
KDS Rad- 5, Rad-5m LCA 100
KDS Rad-5C, Rad-5TV LCA 200
KDS Rad-7c LCA 200
KDS Rad-7m / 7xp / 7TV LCA 100
KDS Rad-9p LCA 200
LG L1510B/S, L1511S/K, L1515S LCA 100
LG 566LM LCA 100
LG 568LM/LT LCA 100
LG RU-15LA61 LCA 100
LG 782LE, L1715S, L1710B LCA 100
LG RU-17LZ22 LCA 100
LG L1800P(K), L1810B LCA 100
LG 885LE LCA 200
LG L2010P LCA 200
LG RU-20LA61 Not offered
LG 285LT, 295LM Not offered
LG L2320A, RU-23LZ21 Not offered
Luce LCTV-1513S, LCTV-1515A LCA 100
Luce LCTV-1702A LCA 100
Luce LCTV-170NTA LCA 100
Luce LCTV-1811A LCA 100
Luce LCTV-181NTA LCA 100
Luce LCTV-182NTS LCA 100
Luce LCTV2201A / GB Not offered
MAG Innovision LT765 LCA 200
Marantz LC1500 LCA ZN1
Mirror M15A LCA 100
Mirror M17A LCA 100
Mirror M18 LCA 100
Mirror M20C LCA 200
Mitsubishi NXM56LCD LCA 100
Mitsubishi NXM76LCD LCA 100
Mitsubishi LT-2220 LCA 200
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync LCD1550V LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1510+ LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi LCD1512 LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1525M LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1525S LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1525X LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1530V LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1545V LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1550M LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1550V LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1550X LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync LCD1560M LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync LCD1560NX LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi Multisync LCD1560V LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1700M LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1700M+ LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1700NX LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1700V LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1720M LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi Multisync LCD1760NX LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi Multisync LCD1760V LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi Multisync LCD1760VM LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1800 LCA 200
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1810x LCA 200
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1830 LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1850X LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1850E LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi Multisync LCD 1860NX LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1880SX LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi ASLCD9V (Accusync LCD9V white), ASLCD9V-bk (Accusync LCD9V black) LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD1920NX, LCD1960NX LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync LCD 1980SX LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD2010 LCA 200
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD2010x LCA 200
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD2080ux LCA 100
NEC-Mitsubishi Multisync LCD2110 LCA 200
NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync™ LCD2180ux LCA 200
NetTV LCTV15 LCA 100
NetTV LCTV17 LCA 100
Olivetti LEX-TA LCA 100
Optoma PV632A/AT LCA 100
Optoma Panoview PV751 LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 752AB LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 752ATMC LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 752ABTMC LCA 100
Optoma PV755A, PV755C LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 1514A / B LCA 100
Optoma PV870AA/AS LCA 100
Optoma PV870CS/CA LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 1711A LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 1712D LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 1712DER LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 1714D LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 1714DER LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 880C LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 880CT LCA 100
Optoma Panoview 880CMT LCA 100
Optoma Panoview PV880 LCA OP1
Panasonic TC 11LV1 LCA 100
Panasonic TC 14LA1, BT-LS1400, CT-L1400 LCA 100
Panasonic TC 15LT1 LCA PAN1
Panasonic TC 15LV1 LCA 100
Panasonic TC 17LA1 LCA 100
Panasonic CT-L2000, TC 20LA1 LCA 200
Panasonic TC 22LT1 LCA PAN2
Panasonic TC-22LH1 LCA 200
PerComm PLM1570 LCA 100
PDi P15LCD LCA 100
PDi P20LCD LCA 100
Philips 140S LCA 100
Philips 150B1C, 150B1O LCA 100
Philips 150B2, 150B3Y, 150B2B LCA 100
Philips 150P1L, 150P2, 150P3C LCA 100
Philips 150X1H LCA 100
Philips 15FT995 / 997 LCA 100
Philips 15PF9925 LCA PH15
Philips 15PF9936, 15PF9945/37 LCA 100
Philips 170B, 170B2B, 170W4P LCA 100
Philips 170B2M,170B2T,170B2Y LCA 100
Philips 170B4BS /BB /BG LCA 100
Philips 170S2B, 170B4MG LCA 100
Philips 170S4FB/ FS/ FG LCA 100
Philips 17FW995 / 997 LCA 200
Philips 17PF9945, 17PF9936 LCA 200
Philips MON171CL LCA 100
Philips 180P, 181AS, 180MT LCA 100
Philips 20PF9925, 20LCD35 LCA PH20
Philips 200P3 LCA 200
Philips 20FT3010 LCA 200
Philips 23FW995/997, 23PF9945 Not offered
Photonics Thinscreen 17” 60268-0 LCA 100
Photonics Thinscreen 24"e; 60260-0 Not offered
Planar FWT1503Z LCA 100
Planar PE150, PL150, PL150M, PV150 LCA 100
Planar XP15SSA-01 LCA 100
Planar PL160M LCA 100
Planar PE170, PL170M, PV174 LCA 100
Planar PL171M, PX171M LCA 100
Planar XP17WSA-01 LCA 200
Planar PL180M LCA 100
Planar PE190, PL190M LCA 100
Planar PL191M, PX191 LCA 100
Planar CT1905S (requires Vesa adapter from Planar) LCA 100
Planar PL201M LCA 200
Planar XP20SSA-01 LCA 200
Planar PX212M LCA 200
Planar XP22WSA-01 LCA 200
Planar WS231 Not offered
Polaroid LCD-1700 LCA 200
Polaroid LCD-2000 LCA 200
Princeton Graph LCD15 LCA 100
Princeton Graph SENergy 560/61, VL1512 LCA 100
Princeton Graph LCD17, LCD17M LCA 100
Princeton Graph SENergy 750 LCA 100
Princeton Graph SEnergy 751 LCA 100
Princeton Graph SENergy 850, VL1812 LCA 100
Princeton Graph SEnergy 981 LCA 100
Princeton Graph APP520 / B LCA 100
Princeton Graph APP800 / B LCA 100
Princeton Graph DPP560 LCA 100
Princeton Graph DPP800 LCA 200
Princeton Graph SL90 LCA 200
RCA 12L500TD LCA 100
RCA 15L500TD LCA 100
Sampo LME 15s1 LCA 100
Sampo LME 17S1 / S2 / S3 LCA 100
Samsung 51S LCA 100
Samsung 151MP, 151P LCA 100
Samsung 151S, 151B LCA 100
Samsung 152T LCA 100
Samsung 570BTFT, 570STFT LCA 100
Samsung 570vTFT LCA 100
Samsung 150MB, 150MP LCA 100
Samsung 150T LCA 100
Samsung LTN1535, LTM1555/ 75W LCA 200
Samsung LTN 1565 This screen features no mounting holes and uses only Samsung's proprietary wall mounts. Customer should contact Samsung.
Samsung SyncMaster 510MP LCA 100
Samsung 170MB, 170MP, 170T LCA 100
Samsung 171MP, 171P, 171S, 171B LCA 100
Samsung 171V, 172MP LCA 100
Samsung SyncMaster 172X LCA 100
Samsung 173MP, 173MW, 173P LCA 100
Samsung 175MP, 175S Not offered
Samsung 760VTFT, 770TFT LCA 100
Samsung LTN1735, LTM1755/ 75W LCA 200
Samsung LTN1765 / LTN1785W This screen features no mounting holes and uses only Samsung's proprietary wall mounts. Customer should contact Samsung.
Samsung SyncMaster 710MP LCA 100
Samsung 180T, 181T LCA 100
Samsung 185T Not offered
Samsung 800TFT Not offered
Samsung 191T, 192MP LCA 100
Samsung 193P, 193V LCA 100
Samsung 210T, 213T LCA 200
Samsung LTM225W, LTN226W LCA 200
Samsung Syncmaster 204T, 240T, 243T Not offered
Samsung LTM295W Please refer to charts for 30"e;+ screens
Sanyo C-15LPIA LCA 100
Sanyo MLC-180IA Not offered
Sceptre Gecko X10 LCA 100
Sceptre Agama X5, X5G LCA 100
Sceptre Gecko X5 LCA 100
Sceptre Iguana X5, X5S LCA 100
Sceptre Komodo X5, X5G, X5S LCA 100
Sceptre Naga X5, X5S, X5SV LCA 100
Sceptre Agama X7, X7G LCA 200
Sceptre Iguana X7, X7S LCA 200
Sceptre Komodo X7, X7G LCA 100
Sceptre Naga X7, X7S, X7SV LCA 200
Sceptre Agama X9, X9G LCA 200
Sceptre Naga X9S LCA 200
Sceptre Naga X23S Not offered
Sharp LC-10A2U-B LCA SP3
Sharp LC-10A2U-W LCA SP3
Sharp LC-10A3US LCA SP3
Sharp LC-121M2U LCA SP4
Sharp LC-12A2U-B LCA SP1
Sharp LC-12A2U-W LCA SP1
Sharp LC-13B2U, LC-13B2UA, LC-13B4U(S) LCA 100
Sharp LC-13S2U(S) LCA 100
Sharp LC-15B2U, LC-15B2UA, LC-15B4U(S) LCA 100
Sharp LC-15S2U(S) LCA 100
Sharp LC-15M4U LCA SP4
Sharp LL-M15X1, LL-T1501A LCA 100
Sharp LL-T1511A LCA 100
Sharp LL-1520 LCA 100
Sharp LL-T15G1 LCA 100
Sharp LL-T15S1, LL-T15V1 LCA 100
Sharp LC-150M2U LCA SP4
Sharp LC-15A2U LCA SP1
Sharp LL-T1610W LCA 100
Sharp LL-T1620 LCA 100
Sharp LL-M17W1 LCA 100
Sharp LL-T1803H/B LCA 100
Sharp LL-T1810A, LL-T1811W LCA 200
Sharp LL-T1820H/B LCA 100
Sharp LL-T2000A LCA 200
Sharp LL-T2010W Not offered
Sharp LC-20A2U LCA SP2
Sharp LC-20E1U/US/UB/UW LCA 200SP
Sharp LC-20E2U/US/UB/UW LCA 200SP
Sharp LC-20C3U/US/UB/UW LCA 200SP
Sharp LC-20B2U, LC-20B2UA, LC-20B2UB, LC-20B4U(S) LCA 200
Sharp LC-20M4U LC-20VM2 LCA SP2
Sharp LC-20S2U(S) LCA 200
Sharp LC-22SV2U/V6U Not offered
Silicon Graphics F180 LCA 100
Silicon Graphics 1600SW LCA 100
Silicon Graphics F220 Not offered
Solarism T150 LCA 200
Sony CPD-L133 LCA 100
Sony CPD-L150 LCA 100
Sony KLV-15SR1 LCA SN3
Sony LMD-151MD LCA 100
Sony SDM-V72W LCA 200
Sony CPD-L181, CPD-L181A Not offered
Sony LMD-181MD, SDM-M81(B) LCA 100
Sony SDM-N80 LCA SN1
Sony CPD-L200 Not offered
Sony KLV-21SG2, KLV-21SR2 LCA-200
Sony KLV-23HR2, SDM-232W/B Not offered
Sony KLV-23HR1 LCA SN4
Sun Micro Sun Color Monitor Not offered
Sun Micro TFT LCD Monitor Not offered
Sylvania L15 LCA 100
Sylvania L17 LCA 100
Sylvania L181 LCA 100
Tatung L5CES, L5SVT, L5CTS LCA 100
Tatung L7CMS, L7HMT LCA 100
Tatung L17/AMTN/AATN LCA 100
Tatung V17AFTW LCA 200
Tatung L1HAT LCA 200
Toshiba 14VL43U LCA TS14
Toshiba 20VL43U LCA TS20
ToteVision LCD-1210, LCD-1210VT LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-1211VB LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-1330TS, LCD-1330V LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-1510TS, LCD-1510V LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-1511VT LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-1512VB LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-1513VB LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-1700VT LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-1811TS, LCD-1811V LCA 100
Totevision LCD 1811 LCA 100
Totevision LCD 1900V/TS LCA 100
ToteVision LCD-2200VT LCA 200
V Inc. Vizio L6 LCA 200
ViewSonic VPA145 LCA 100
ViewSonic VP140 LCA 100
ViewSonic N1500TV LCA 100
ViewSonic VA550 LCA 100
ViewSonic VA 520, VE150, VE150b LCA 100
ViewSonic VE150m, VE150mb LCA 100
Viewsonic VG150m, VG150mb LCA 100
Viewsonic VG151 / b LCA 100
ViewSonic VP150m, VP151 LCA 100
ViewSonic VG500/500b, VT550 LCA 100
ViewSonic VPA150, VPD150 LCA 100
ViewSonic VX500, VX500+ LCA 100
ViewSonic Q170, N1700W LCA 100
ViewSonic VE170, VE170b LCA 100
ViewSonic VE170m, VE170mb LCA 100
ViewSonic VG171, VG171b LCA 100
ViewSonic VG700/700b LCA 100
ViewSonic VG750, VX700 LCA 100
ViewSonic VP171b LCA 100
ViewSonic VG175 LCA 100
ViewSonic N1800TV, VE180, VG180 LCA 200
ViewSonic VG181, VG181b LCA 200
ViewSonic VG800/800b LCA 100
ViewSonic VPD180, VP181 LCA 200
ViewSonic VX800 LCA 100
ViewSonic VG191, VG191b LCA 200
ViewSonic VG900b, VX900 LCA 100
ViewSonic VP191b LCA 100
ViewSonic VX2000 LCA 200
ViewSonic VP201m / VP201mb Not offered
ViewSonic VP2290b Not offered
ViewSonic VP230mb Not offered
Visiontek MS150MP LCA 100
Westinghouse W31501 (15"e;) LCA 100
Westinghouse W31501 (20"e;) LCA 200
Zenith L10V22, LT-10AM LCA NM3
Zenith L13V36 LCA 100
Zenith ZLD15A1B LCA ZN1
Zenith L15V24S LCA 200
Zenith L15V26 LCA ZN15
Zenith L15V36, L15V26B, L15V26C LCA 100
Zenith L17W36 LCA 100
Zenith ZLD 20A1, L20V36 LCA 200
Zenith L20V26, HCL201A2, L20V26C LCA ZN20
Zenith L23W36 Not offered