Peerless Heavy-Duty Variable Position Suspended Ceiling Kit CMJ453

Mfg Part # CMJ453
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The CMJ453 Suspended Ceiling Kit is designed for mounting Peerless' flat screen TV mounts from the true ceiling above 2x2' suspended tile ceilings, common in office buildings, schools, conference centers and retail stores. It features:

  • One 2x2' ceiling tray, replacings one 2x2' ceiling tile.
  • Included fifth "safety cable".
  • A two-piece design, offering 5 different points for mount attachment.
  • All-steel construction.
  • 20 feet of 12-gauge, annealed steel tie-wire, for up to 3 feet of drop from any suspended ceiling.
  • 1.5" 11.5 NPT fitting for easy attachment of fixed or adjustable-length extension columns.
  • Included flush mount tube and 2 knockout panels for electrical outlet boxes.
  • A scratch-resistant, white, fused epoxy finish.
  • 250 lb weight capacity

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