Peerless 1.5 inch Adjustable Extension Columns (Various Sizes and Colors) AEC

Mfg Part # AEC006009
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Price: $42.00
Adjustable length AEC-series extension columns feature:
  • 1.5" 11.5 NPT, schedule 40 piping.
  • A slotted design, allowing easy, incremental height adjustment at 1" (25 mm) increments
  • Threaded entries, at both ends, and a notched design for "safety locking."
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for ease of installation
  • A scratch-resistant powder-coat finish
  • A variety of available lengths for the perfect drop height.

PLEASE NOTE: EXT columns measure 1.0" (25.4mm) longer than the  stated drop, providing the necessary extension for a finished ceiling drop on almost any ceiling mount (for example: the 1 foot model actually measures 13")