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Why pay outrageous ticket and refreshment prices when today's technology allows for motion picture enjoyment in the comfort of your own home? The affordability of large TVs and crisp, surround sound speaker systems offer families the opportunity to have entertainment experiences with more comfort than a theater, at any desired time, without plunging into debt. If you are either in the process of, or considering, constructing an entertainment center, remember to accommodate the technical equipment with attractive furniture. Home leather theater selections are available at


The above items,including VTI audio racks, are briefly described in the following article. Please contact us if you would like more specific information.

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Lovan Theater Seats

Installing high caliber seating into your entertainment room can certainly add an authentic feel to your movie viewing experience. Lovan theater seats and ottomans come in a variety of different styles and colors, all being tastefully modern and of high comfort. Any of these selections, whether single furniture home leather theater seats or double/triple-seaters, may be placed side by side, offering comfort far surpassing that of a cinema. Also, please see our selection of interactive seating. These items connect with any sound system, and virtually place you inside the sound for an enhanced experience. Also add a booming multimedia cube ottoman for a new dimension of sonic experience. Thank you for choosing We will gladfully assist you with realizing your aspirations to create a truly enthralling theatrical experience in the comfort of your home.