Teacher podiums, traditional and more

teacher podiums

A podium is a great addition to any presentation or seminar room. Traditional, or teacher, podiums give the speaker a platform to hold notes, a cup of coffee or even a laptop without forcing them to stoop over or detracting from their appearance. Despite the advent of portable computers, microphone systems and a dozen other modern devices used in presentations, the simple speaker podium is still the best piece of furniture available to allow a speaker access to their materials without losing mobility or visibility. Standsandmounts.com offers several models of lecterns and podiums to fit every need and decor.

Lecterns and podiums available at Standsandmounts.com

multimedia lecterns and podiums

From teacher podiums to portable lecterns, there are a few modern touches that have refined this classic piece of office furniture. One obvious improvement is the addition of casters to create a portable unit. Portable lecterns and speaking podiums are available in larger, traditionally styled wooden units or as more modern pieces that resemble portable laptop stands.

Multimedia storage is a great modern improvement on traditional lecterns and podiums. This extends the convenience of the lectern to all of the equipment a speaker may be using, such as audio transmitters and projectors. Podiums provide an easy base of operations for a speaker to store everything from a drink to a computer. The speaker will still have the stage presence and freedom of movement afforded by standing while gaining the storage capabilities and easy access a desk provides.

Whether a simple platform on a base is right for you or a rolling multi-media lectern with a wing for projectors, Standsandmounts.com has a great selection of difficult to find podiums and always with free shipping.