Glass TV stands retain spacious feel

Glass TV stands

Many homes and offices today feature open floor plans. Decorating has followed suit, keeping living and workspaces as spacious and open as possible. Wall mounting television sets is a common feature in this type of design scheme, but it is not always practical or possible. A great solution to the dilemma this presents is the use of glass TV stands like the fine selection available from Wood tv stands. Not only is the television positioned but also a place is created for the necessary accessories such as cable boxes. While many units will do this, glass TV stands are less obstructive. The eye is fooled into thinking the open space is uninterrupted which preserves the overall design philosophy.

The glass TV stereo stand adds storage

glass TV stereo stand

Even though wall mounting a television is the first choice of many designers, often it is not practical even when it is possible. Over the last 50 years televisions have stadily gathered a supporting cast of items that need to be placed somewhere. A glass TV stereo stand with a mount continues the open space feeling of modern design while providing a convenient area for equipment such as:

  • Surround sound systems
  • DVRs
  • Video games
  • DVD players
  • Stereo systems
  • Whatever else may be connected to a television set!

A glass TV stereo stand is the perfect solution for smaller spaces such as offices and apartments or anytime that electronics ned to be kept in close proximity. It is easier to connect devices to a single high-quality surge protector when they are grouped together and it also keeps cords from creeping across a living space like electronic strawberry runners. Glass pieces are not only functional but very attractive. They can be found incorporating wood, metal or both for their support frame. carries a wide array of glass stands, corner tv stands for sale and more so there is sure to be a piece that will fit any decor and shipping is always free.