Game On Tread Gear Board Storage Wall (White) GB21-WW

Game On Tread Gear Board Storage Wall (White) GB21-WW

GAME ON | Mfg Part # GB21-WW | Item Number GAMEON-GB21-WW
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Game On's GB21-WW "Hang On" gear boards are the perfect solution for storing tennis rackets, video game accessories, yoga mats, towels, gaming pistols and anything else with a hook or strap. They feature:

  • Spring-loaded "Gear Board" hooks, which slide in to position on the board's grooves and can be easily re-arranged to maximize space.
  • Optional horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • 2 included J-hooks for tennis racks, gaming pistols, yoga mats and towels.
  • 2 include U-hooks for gaming guitars and controllers.
  • Easy wall mounting for maximum clutter reduction on minimal floorspace.

*Multiple boards can be mounted together for expanded storage.

*Additional O hooks can be purchased separately (as product number OH1-W) to hold tennis racks, light sabers, etc. Add the WiiH1-W hook shelf for WiiFit boards.


Weight: Assembled Length:
7 lbs 12.625"H x 20.5"W x 3/4"D
Manufacturer Details 

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Condition: new
Color: White
Height: 12.625"
Width: 20.5"
Depth: 0.75"
Weight: 7 lbs.
Delivery Options: Free Shipping
Design: Wall Mounted
Item Number GAMEON-GB21-WW
Manufacturer GAME ON
Mfg Part # GB21-WW