Modern Furniture: TV Stands

Furniture - TV stands

Over the years televisions have been evolving from the bulky units to more advanced HD and flat panel models. From this there has been a backlash in an unexpected industry: furniture. TV stands, once the choice of budget minded college students and convenience minded retirees have made a major comeback. The new styles of televisions are sleeker, thinner and lighter than ever before. Wall mounted televisions are also getting to be extremely common now, as well as smaller glass tv stands. These option frees a great deal of space in a room and is in perfect harmony with the open style floorplans than are common in today's homes and offices. When wall mounting is not practical, people still want as much extra space as possible and the entertainment center is being abandoned in lieu of more contemporary furniture. TV stands allow some of the convenience of the bulkier entertainment centers, such as raising the television off the ground and providing storage for the DVRs and game systems attached to the unit, without clashing with modern design sensibilities. A huge selection is available for browsing any time at Please let us know if you have any questions. Our customer service number is 800-807-1477.

TV stands: wood to glass and more

TV Stands - Wood

Have you noticed the wide variety of TV stands? Wood of various finishes, metal and glass combine to form elegant pieces that are practical, convenient and attractive. Styles are available for all tastes. Black or silver metal frames and glass shelves are suited for modern and industrial schemes. Other design schemes still can easily find matching TV stands. Wood, of different types and finishes, is a common material and is also commonly combined with both glass and metal.

The changes in modern tv stands mean convenience. Units designed to neatly fit a corner are easily found; this is a great solution to maximise floorspace when wall mounting is not practical. Business and educational environments often need their television sets to be portable and stands that double as attractive, stylish carts are easy to find at Shop with us today!