The Art of a Flat Screen TV stand

flat panel TV stand

Premier Mounts brings modern design sensibilities to the flat panel TV stand. Although they do have a few products incorporating wood, their designers favor combining steel and glass into simple, elegant pieces to display audio and video devices. The open design of Premier Mounts pieces, most could truthfully be called racks as opposed to shelves, supports the equipment without enclosing it. The glass, of course, contributes to this open feeling and provides secure footing for the electronics while at the same time creating an illusion that the pieces are almost floating. A flat panel TV stand from Premier Mounts is a welcome addition to today's open floor plans because they do not interrupt the feeling of space as large, heavy entertainment centers often do. Instead, Premier Mounts' AV furniture can best be described as having a very architectural feel about it. A comparable product can bee seen in the Peerless plasma tv stands.

Peerless Monitor Stands

Bello TV stands

Flat screen TVs and monitors are often the choice for those purchasing the largest screens available. Peerless plasma TV stands are designed to accommodate the larger units without sacrificing style. realizes that larger television sets are much harder to mount on walls, so we are proud to offer Peerless stands that hold not only 63-inch models but also units over 70-inches. These hard to find stands with mounts, with many wood tv stands to choose from, are sturdy enough to hold the biggest of television sets without distracting from their image with a bulky support structure. Peerless monitor floor stands are designed along the same lines as their smaller cousins and continue the tradition of contemporary style.