3 Steps to Design a Perfectly Arranged Modern Media Room

A modern media room — it's the room you'd love to have but never seems to quite come together. It's where TV is watched, the computer is used, entertaining happens and more. Unfortunately, busy schedules and a lack of interior décor often leave the room well, lacking. Without a purposeful and cohesive look, a media room can become an unconventional landfill for stacks of DVDs, piles of mail and even an occasional exercise bike.

How can you transform your media room into something better? Take back the space by following three simple steps.

1. Remove Clutter

The biggest hazard and obstacle to any enjoyable space is clutter. Take a step back and look around the room. Do you see excess junk that can be removed? It's time to clean up video games, magazines and mail. What's the room's purpose? Is it specifically for TV and movie viewing? Then eliminate exercise equipment, storage and other miscellaneous items. Do you still own a big-box TV that takes up half of the room's space? New, much thinner flat screens TVs have gone down considerably in price. Add in a flat screen TV wall mount and you've now removed another object from the floor, which frees up a considerable amount of prime seating.

2. Streamline Furniture

A natural consideration of any great space has to do with its furniture. What type of media room do you envision? Whatever your interior style décor preference, a modern media room will incorporate furniture that's functional and aesthetically pleasing. Love your big comfy sofa, but tired of the outdated look? Save on costs and get a new slipcover. Struggling with how to arrange the TV center? Consider flat screen mounts for TV support. A TV wall mount will instantly change the look of a media room.

3. Arrange Properly

The final key to an impressive media room is arranging everything properly and with a purpose. Where are the entryways to the room? Where does light enter? Consider these important design elements when you're arranging furniture. Positioning furniture and TV mounts in just the right position can be just the ticket for the perfect viewing experience.