Choose Chief TV mounts for secure applications

Chief Flat Screen Monitor TV mount

Using Chief TV mounts will allow you to securely hang television sets from the wall or on the ceiling. Chief products are available for flat screen television sets to bulky CRT style security monitors and hand with ease. Chief even makes pieces to mount screens to tabletops, trusses and poles. Of course, you can find them all at Chief TV mounts are high quality, solid pieces of hardware that will hold your equipment at any angle you need. In fact, many of their products allow you to adjust the angle as necessary. Chief manufactures pieces that enable you to mount not only LCD screens and older style picture tube models but also projection units. Once you have chosen the mount you may want to see what types of electronic equipment audio racks you will need to support your system.

Chief plasma TV mount options

Chief TV mounts

A plasma TV is still a large investment for any household. A Chief plasma TV mount will allow you to place that investment in the precise location you imagine. If suspending your television on a wall or from the ceiling is not part of your plans, they have several floor stands available as well. Chief also manufactures a line of lifts that will raise your screen into view when in use and hide it when it is not needed, which is very convenient for seminar rooms and other locations where the screen may be a distraction when not in use. Ceiling lifts are also available to hide your screen overhead when not in use and lower it when needed, similar to drop down movie screens. They even have mounting options suitable for outdoor applications. No matter what your plans are for screen placement, has a Chief plasma TV mount to make it a reality.

From ceiling lifts to wall mounts for old style units or top of the line plasma screens, Chief mounts will allow you to display your television or computer monitors in whatever manner you wish. has a huge selection of Chief hardware with free shipping on every item.