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The new generation of televisions and monitors are lighter than ever before. The new plasma and LCD technologies allow for larger sets that are actually slimmer and take up less space than previous models as well. This means that is now even more practical to actually on a wall without altering the wall with a built-in shelf or ledge, or by having a bulky tv hanging over. All that is required is relatively simple. You just need to install mounting hardware to keep it secure. Consequently, the idea has become more popular in both home and business settings, saving space and looking sleek at the same time.

There is no greater security than a Chief mount. Not only do they produce top quality hardware to securely hold your set in place they also have optional security features to protect your property. No matter what your application will be from simply mounting a set flat against a wall to hanging a flat screen TV or monitor down from the ceiling, there is a Chief mount that allows you to hang your set in complete confidence that it will stay exactly where you want it. carries a large selection of Chief products and accessories including quick release interfaces and security covers. Shop with us today, and be on your way to hanging the TV or monitor tomorrow.

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If you use a projection television system, carries a great line of Chief projector mounts. These highly adaptable systems can be mounted in a variety of ways, including inverted or non-inverted. In addition to the standard Chief projector mounts, also carries their products to mount multiple projectors and enclosures, including steel cages, to protect your projection unit .Browse through our selection and let us know if you have any questions. We have a capable staff available to answer your questions. Call us today at 800-807-1477.

No matter what type of television or monitor you are mounting or where you intend to mount it, Chief products from will allow you to securely place the screen exactly where you want it. This with all of our other components and accessories will have your entertainment area looking sharp in no time.