Selecting Chief TV Mounts

Chief TV Mounts

New monitor or flat-screen televisions already come with fairly attractive table stands for placement of a unit atop a table or shelf. However, Chief TV mounts and stands come in a wide array of styles to fit your preferences and intended use, so it may be helpful to review other display options to get the most from your entertainment system. Before choosing one particular style of television mount or Chief projector mounts available, consider what you need your television to do (other than show you a crisp, pretty picture) and what other factors might influence your choice.

When cost and a low profile are concerns - such as for plasma TVs for home theater use - a flat wall mount may be the best option. This type holds the unit close to the wall. A tilting mount also adds relatively little depth, but gives viewers the option to tilt/pivot a screen that cannot be placed at eye level. Similarly, a ceiling mount allows for mounting close to the wall and titling the screen. Slightly higher profile is the tiltable articulating wall mount, which holds the television within 3-4 inches of the wall when closed and up to 15 inches away from the wall when fully extended.

Options in Chief Projector Mounts

The same varied options that are available in Chief TV mounts also apply for mounting projectors. Since this particular home theater unit is theoretically used less often than a television, it may be beneficial to consult a home entertainment expert or a representative for advice on which of the many Chief projector mounts is most appropriate.