Chief Monitor Mount and TV Mount Advantages

Chief TV Mount

The right mounting accessories can play a vital role in the appearance and functionality of a home entertainment center. A Chief projector mount and television mounting brackets give homeowners the flexibility to place electronic units for optimal viewing or up and out of the way in order to free up living space. Under the right circumstances, they can even turn a television into another beautiful piece of decor.

The durable Chief plasma TV mount comes from a company known for its innovations in stands and mounting technology. When properly installed, these mounts are designed and crafted to withstand harsh environmental influences such as seismic activity and other external factors that can challenge the integrity of inferior brackets and stands.

Chief Projector Mount Installation

It's easy to install projection mounting brackets or a Chief Monitor TV mount, but it is still to take proper care in the process. Improperly installed mounts can pull loose at the wall. The last thing a homeowner wants is to have an expensive television crash to the floor, or worse, fall on someone. For this reason, we advise getting a friend to assist in the installation and following these other steps:

  • Choose mounting brackets that swivel and tilt. This gives access to inputs and outputs, and lets users adjust viewing angles.
  • Install on a large wall, about twice as wide as the screen, so there's room for mounting speakers.
  • Align the top of screen at standing eye level and the bottom at sitting eye level for viewing from different areas.
  • Have tools, brackets and other supplies ready and think through the procedure before starting.
  • Carefully measure and mark any drilling points to minimize the number of holes to be drilled.
  • Use two people to place the television or projection unit to the mounting, regardless of the size or weight.

Most importantly, be patient and take as much time as necessary to do it right. The result will be an installation that will likely outlive the electronics you've mounted. To learn more about our Chief project mount options, please contact a representative today.