Chief CMS006009 to CMS1012 Speed Connect Adjustable NPT Column

Mfg Part # CMS006009, CMS1012
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CMS™ Speed-Connect™ Series Adjustable Extension Columns
Focusing on speed of projector and flat panel TV installation, the all-new CMS Speed-Connect Series of adjustable extension columns was designed as an upgrade to the popular CMA Series of projector ceiling mount accessories. The new CMS line integrates new easy-to-use features aimed at saving installation time and maximizing security.

New design innovations include a continuously adjustable notch for length changes (1" increments) without disassembly, aluminum construction for easier installation and flow-through cable management with an integrated port (12" columns or longer) for routing cables.


  • Notched adjustment design for length changes without disassembly
  • Flow-through cable management with an integrated port on one end for routing cables (12" columns or longer)
  • Aluminum construction for easier installation - also saves on shipping costs
  • All-Points™ Security System - Exclusive locking hardware to protect against theft
  • Threaded on both ends
  • 1-1/2" NPT Compatible
  • Available in Black or White.