From ABBA to Zappa: store in a CD rack tower

CD Rack Tower

Over time, all of the CDs you purchase can start to take up a lot of space, and they don't immediately seem like the easiest things to organize. With a CD rack tower, you can arrange your CDs however you like: alphabetically by artist, chronologically by year, or from top to bottom due to your listening habits. Stands and Mounts AV Furniture & Mounting Solutions offers a wide selection of racks and audio shelves and cabinets to help you keep your media organized. Don't have room for towers or a audio cabinet with glass doors? Try a CD wall rack, elevated above your speakers.

Save space with a CD wall rack

Music lovers know that a great collection takes up a lot of space, as does the equipment used to listen to your great collection. While many of us have made habits of storing old records in milk crates, it may be time to move on from that. If you're really short on space, you can mount a CD wall rack above your stereo. We recommend a CD rack tower (or more than one, wink wink nudge nudge) for those with bunches of CDs. - our other audio video furniture products

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