The versatile black TV stand

Black TV stand

With the advent of high definition television broadcasting and the eventual nationwide conversion to that format, many homes and businesses are investing in new television sets. Unfortunately, with the new broadcast standard comes a new aspect ratio, the relationship between height and width of the screen, and many new TV sets will not fit in existing entertainment centers. Because HD television sets are lighter and less bulky than older models, they work well on stands instead of large, heavy entertainment centers.

A sleek, modern black TV stand is the perfect compliment to a new HD television set. The set becomes the focus, as it should be, when presented in this way. A black TV stand works well in many modern and industrial design schemes that are popular today in both homes and offices. They are a great alternative for open floor plans when the set needs to be place in a corner or cannot be mounted on the wall. If you don't want to use up floor space, you might consider using a black TV mount instead. Mounts enable you to lift your TV or monitor up off of the floor.

Modern wood TV stands

Modern wood TV stands

Wood TV stands acquired a horrible image in the 1970s. As television sets became smaller and transformed from being console models to tabletops, the old fashioned version was introduced. Often on wheels, the cheaply made carts of yesteryear bear little resemblance to the stylish wood TV stands of today. In fact, many of the wooden stand styles available now are reminiscent of the furniture mounted hi-fi units of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Today's pieces are designed to be attractive pieces of furniture that you will enjoy seeing. They really are the perfect way to display a modern flat screen television set.