Audio Equipment Racks: Function and Style

Audio Racks

Choosing the right storage for audio and visual equipment is about function and style. Audio equipment racks serve the purpose of storing multiple audio video components as well as other items while also making entertainment systems easy to access and operate. Audio cabinets and AV racks also provide climate control, cable management, theft deterrence, and allow for future growth and changes. For the technologically savvy, features play an important role in the selection of the AV equipment stand, such as the rotation of the unit, shelves that can be pulled out, rear door option, and basic configuration. The most basic of audio racks have an inherent industrial look to them, but varying styles are an option. has many models and brands available that provide these functions, as well as offering complementary designs. Audio racks, component shelves, AC carts and stereo cabinets made by leading AV furniture manufacturers like VTI, Raxxess, Bello, Plateau, Sanus and Audio Visual Furniture VFI are among our most popular selling brands. An audio cabinet with glass doors can provide easy access to the equipment while also coordinating with the overall decor of the room. For gaming or home theater use, a more decorative unit may be necessary, as the equipment will be a more permanent fixture in the room. Stands and Mounts carry units in a variety of styles that will serve their function, as well as contribute to the decor.

Audio cabinet with glass doors

Audio Cabinet With Glass Doors

While audio equipment racks are primarily selected for their function, it is often necessary that the unit fits in with the décor of the room as well, especially for home or office use. Aesthetically, an audio cabinet with glass doors may be an ideal choice. Other options include those units that can be stored or installed in closets, lecterns, or credenzas. This allows the equipment to be out of sight when it is not in use.

For office use, models are available that roll, spin, or lock to move from room to room, depending on where and when they will be used. This function allows the cabling and attachments to stay where they need to in order for each user to quickly and easily use the equipment.