Articulating Swing-Out Mounts

These Adjustable Monitor & TV Mounts offer Extra Flexibility

Swing-out flat screen mounts offer the ultimate in adjustment flexibility. They allow you to mount your screen where you need to, on a sturdy wall stud, while allowing you to turn and adjust your flat screen or monitor so that you can view it in most any part of the room. Articulating swing-out cantilever monitor mounts use one or many extendable swing arms for sturdy vertical support and easy screen adjustment. Most articulating flat panel mounts are designed for wall attachment, but some models are available for ceiling, desktop and cabinet mounting as well. Select the appropriate screen size below to view all the adjustable flat screen mounts that are offered at Just like corner TV stands, swing-out flat screen mounts are ideal for use in corners where space is tight. If you have any questions about compatibility or installation, call our Sales line on 1-800-807-1477. Our staff of experts will ensure that the mount you choose will work with the screen you intend to use. We're always happy to help!