Touchstone Sideline Elite Recessed Smart Electric Fireplace (50 in) 80036

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The Touchstone Sideline® 50 Elite Electric Fireplace was designed to improve upon the popular Sideline series by adding more colors, more features, and less frame around the fireplace. So here you have the Sideline® 50 Elite, a 50 inch wide, electric fireplace with the same realistic flames and contemporary black frame of the Onyx, but with a heating element that is placed in front of the frame. The Sideline is now also Wi-Fi Enabled, Compatible with Amazon Alexa® and Google Home®. Control the Sideline Electric Fireplace from your lounge chair using the included remote control or Smart mobile app. Connect it to compatible smart home devices through the app for added convenience

What makes the Sideline® 50 Elite unique is its heating capabilities. It allows you to recess your electric fireplace into the wall while also providing heat through the vent in the front of the unit. The Sideline® 50 Elite offers two heat settings which quickly add heat to a room up to 400 sq. ft. Please note the heater isn’t designed to be the primary heat source in your room or home. It's designed to warm up a cool evening, or bring the temperature of a room up a few degrees. The visual appeal and heat emitted by your electric fireplace place in addition to your home’s primary heating source will provide your room with a cozy and calming aura. Your electric fireplace’s heat settings can be controlled using the remote or the controls on the front of the unit, and you also have the option of controlling the heat by setting up the Sideline® 50 Elite’s built-in heat timer.

The most realistic flame: The LED flame technology from Touchstone™ is so realistic that you'll find friends and family are often nervous about getting too close to the flame. Customers often have commented about the natural look of the Touchstone™ flames, and how they can mistake them for gas fireplaces. The realism comes from the unique flame and logset, which is unmatched in other electric fireplaces.

Multiple flame colors - To create the cozy atmosphere of a traditional fireplace, this electronic unit emits authentic-looking flames that emulate a real fire. The flames that Touchstone Home Products™ fireplaces create are natural enough to have friends and family think you own a traditional wood burning fireplace. This fireplace has 60 color combinations, allowing you to set just the right mood. The lighting and heating options of this fireplace offer you the ability to customize your atmosphere to your liking. With both its look and performance, Sideline® Elite gives you the total package. Both the heat and flame settings can be operated through a remote control. (Batteries not included)

Mounting and Use - The versatile Sideline® 50 Elite electric fireplace offers two installation options. Although it is essentially designed for insertion in your wall, it can also be mounted on your wall. Instructions for mounting and install come with the fireplace, and we recommend you follow the simple instructions provided. We recommend placing your Sideline® 50 at least 20” below your ceiling or 8” below your mounted flat screen TV because of its heating feature. It features:

  • Minimal frame with wide 46" x 14.38" flame viewing area
  • Designed for insertion in your wall
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Turn on or off by voice using Amazon Alexa® or Google Home®
  • Two heat settings (750W/1500W) with thermometer (68-88°F) or constant on
  • 6 flame color options and 10 media bed color options for a total of 60 color combinations!
  • 5 flame and media bed light intensity settings
  • 3 flame speeds and timer up to 8 hours
  • Can be plugged in or hardwired 120V
  • Remembers flame and media colors to allow use with light switches or smart outlets
  • Includes log set, crystals, and driftwood.
  • Touchstone provides a one year limited warranty.


  • Fireplace Dimensions: 49 3/4 inches wide x 19 1/4 inches high x 5 1/2 inches deep
  • Firebox Dimensions: 48 7/16 inches wide x 18 inches high x 5 1/8 inches deep
  • Rough Opening Dimensions: 48 3/4 inches wide x 18 1/4 inches high x 5 1/2 inches deep
  • Shipping Carton Dimensions: 56 inches wide x 25 inches high x 10 inches deep
  • Fire Dimensions: 46 inches wide x 14 3/8 inches tall
  • Room Coverage: 400 sq ft.
  • Fireplace Weight: 48.45 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 65 pounds
  • Watts: 1,500
  • BTU's: 5,000
  • Voltage - 120v
  • Amp Rating: 11 Amps and up

Please Note: Visible Damage must be reported immediately. Concealed damage must be reported within 48 hours or carrier will not be held responsible and we cannot reship or refund.