Sanus 4-in-1 Multipurpose iPad Mount with MagFit Case (Silver) VTM11-S1

Sanus 4-in-1 Multipurpose iPad Mount with MagFit Case (Silver) VTM11-S1

SANUS | Mfg Part # VTM11-S1 | Item Number SAN-VTM11-S1
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4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Mount for iPad: The Sanus VTM1 makes it easy for you to mount your iPad to a wall, under a cabinet, to a magnetic surface, or placed on a flat surface such a desk or countertop. Keep your iPad safe, secure, and sitting in perfect view with this versatile iPad Mount from SANUS. With exclusive MagFit™ technology for fast and secure attachment, this transparent case is designed to work with the Apple® Smart Cover® to ensure maximum iPad protection and versatility. Mount it to a kitchen wall or under a kitchen cabinet to easily follow recipes and protect your iPad. The magnetic case with grippable design and MagFit™ technology offers fast and secure attachment to any magnetic surface such as your refrigerator. You can also opt to use this mount to sit your iPad upright on a surface, like a desk or kitchen table; to easily pay bills or watch your favorite video at a comfortable viewing position. Comprised of forged aluminum for added strength and durability, the VTM1 includes a pivoting connector that provides 360 degrees of rotation for the perfect view every time. Plus, thanks to the quick release MagFit™ technology along with grippable texture, the VTM1 is perfect for on-the-go travel in snap.


  • Compatible with Generation 2 and 3 iPads.
  • Designed to work with the Apple® Smart Cover®.
  • Comes with the MagFit™ iPad case, an articulating arm mount, and a detachable desk stand.
  • Includes hardware that allows you to mount to wood, concrete, and drywall, or underneath a cabinet.
  • Powerful neodymium magnet secures the case to the articulated arm, and also attaches to any flat metallic surface (such as your refrigerator).
  • The compact retractable articulating arm compact unfolds outwards into three sections, allowing you to tilt and adjust the viewing angle of your iPad.
  • The articulating arm and base are constructed of forged aluminum with satin finish for added strength and durability.
  • The MagFit case is made of a durable polycarbonate material that provides protection without making it much heavier.
  • Easily view your iPad at eye level in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Includes a pivoting connector that provides 360 degrees of rotation for the perfect view every time.
  • 180 degrees swivel and roll.
  • Includes Sanus' 5 year Manufacturer's Warranty.

*Not compatible with iPad generation 1 or generation 4. The iPad is not included with the mount.

Click here for a video about the VTM1's features.

Click here for the instruction manual.

Total Weight: Overall Dimensions:
 2 lbs. 7.59" H x 9.65" W x 8.21" to 17.99" D


  • Product Height: 7.59" / 19.28 cm
  • Product Width: 9.65" / 24.51 cm
  • Product Depth Max (when articulating arm is fully extended): 17.99" / 45.69 cm
  • Product Depth Min (when articulating arm is fully retracted): 8.21" / 20.85 cm
  • 180 degree swivel
  • 180 degree roll

Manufacturer Details 

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Condition: new
Color: Silver
Height: 7.59 in.
Width: 9.65 in.
Depth: 8.21 to 17.99 in.
Weight: 2 lbs.
Delivery Options: Free Shipping
Extension: from 8.21" to 17.99" D
Tilt: yes
Pivot: yes
Swivel: 180 degrees
Rotate: 360 degrees
Roll: 180 degrees
Material: Metal, Acrylic
Overall Dimensions: 7.59" H x 9.65" W x 8.21" to 17.99" D
Item Number SAN-VTM11-S1
Manufacturer SANUS
Mfg Part # VTM11-S1