Chief NS1D12F - NS1D41F Perforated Steel Door for S1 Series Racks

Mfg Part # NS1D12F, NS1D20F, NS1D28F
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Chief's Door for S1 Series Racks features:

  • Includes lock for added security.
  • Door can be reversed for right or left handed opening.
  • Available in Solid Steel, Perforated Steel or Plexiglas. See related products below.


  • The NS1D12F Door is for 12U racks. (NS1F1223 and NS1F1228)
  • The NS1D20F Door is for 20U racks. (NS1F2023 and NS1F2028)
  • The NS1D28F Door is for 28U racks. (NS1F2823 and NS1F2828)
  • The NS1D36F Door is for 36U racks. (NS1F3623 and NS1F3628)
  • The NS1D41F Door is for 41U racks. (NS1F4123 and NS1F4128)