Peerless 3.25 - 5.5 inch Wall Adapter Box for Dedicated Short Throw Projector Arms ACC630

Mfg Part # ACC630
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Peerless' ACC630 is designed to give the short throw projector arm the extra distance needed when the whiteboard is mounted over a chalkboard or similar obstacle. The expandable box allows the projector to obtain the proper throw distance needed to obtain the perfect image. It features:

  • Compatible with SMART Arm 600i, SMART UX60 and Hitachi A100WALLARM2
  • 3.26" to 5.50" expandable depth (also available with 2-3.5" depth, see ACC625 below)
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Mounts to studs 16" on center
  • Weight capacity: 50lb (22.6 kg)

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