Peerless 55 inch Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display XHB552

Mfg Part # XHB552
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An all-season solution for outdoor entertainment and living, the Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are maintenance-free, with no fans, vents or filters, and are fully protected against water, dust, moisture and even insects. It features:

  • Optically bonded, anti-reflective cover glass increases the perceived contrast ratio and cuts down on glare, providing amazing picture quality, even in direct sunlight
  • Daylight readable with LED back-light and full HD 1080p resolution for a bright, crisp picture
  • Includes Quarter Wave Plate polarizer, allowing for portrait and landscape installations
  • IPS panel provides color accuracy, even at the harshest of angles
  • Remote and Local monitoring, supported via IP addressable user interface, for temperature, humidity, and power draw diagnostics of the display
  • Waterproof Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar delivers highest quality sound (optional accessory)
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness to best match the lighting conditions, which optimizes the display's power consumption and enhances the viewing experience (optional ALS extender accessory available)
  • High bright output offers 2500nits of light output to combat high ambient lighting conditions
  • Highest environmental rating (IP68) prevents the ingress of foreign materials, such as water, dust, moisture and insects, from entering the display
  • IK10 rated, impact resistant, temper cover glass protects the screen against vandalism and debris
  • Patented dynamic thermal transfer system keeps internal components properly cooled in extreme heat
  • RESOLUTION: 1920 x 1080
  • BRIGHTNESS: 2,500cd/m2
  • CONTRAST RATIO: 1300:1
  • VIEWING ANGLE: 178° Vertical/Horizontal
  • TV INPUT: Coax, 75 ohm (x1)
  • VGA INPUT: 15 pin D-SUB (x1)
  • HDMI INPUT: HDMI (x3), 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i , 1080p
  • CVBS INPUT: 3.5mm (x1)
  • YPBPR INPUT: 3.5mm (x1)
  • VGA STEREO AUDIO INPUT: 3.5mm (x1)
  • ANALOG AUDIO OUTPUT: 3.5mm Headphone Jack (x1)
  • DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT: Optical (x1)
  • USB DATA INPUT: USB 2.0 A (x1) [Audio. Video, Text & Photo]
  • RS232: DB-9 (Female)
  • 12VDC 2.5A OUTPUT: 2.5mm (x1)
  • USB POWER 5VDC 2.4A OUTPUT: USB 2.0 A (x1)
  • IR EXTENDER: 3.5mm (x1)
  • LAN INPUT: RJ-45 (x1)
  • DIGITAL TV: ATSC, MPEG4, QAM256, H.264
  • PICTURE ADJUSTMENT: Brightness, Contrast, Tint, Sharpness, Color
  • PICTURE MODE: Standard, Dynamic, Personal, Theater
  • COLOR TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT: Cool, Normal, Warm, Personal
  • SCREEN ADJUSTMENT: 4:3, 16:9, Full, Zoom
  • V-CHIP: Yes