Peerless Media Player Mounting Accessory (Mini PC) MOD-MBM

Mfg Part # MOD-MBM
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Peerless-AV’s MOD-MBM mounting accessory houses a Mini computer and offers a clean solution for a miniaturised video processor. Popular in digital signage applications, the enclosed Mini PC provides graphical power mounted in close proximity - attaching in a variety of locations. By design the mounting accessory can be attached above or below the display, flush to the wall, or to the back of a ceiling mount, as well as to a desktop surface, providing versatility in a variety of installation applications.It features:

  • Ventilation slots allow for airflow to prevent overheating
  • Supports Mini PCs up to 4.55kg (10lbs)
  • Designed to hold AC power adaptor and Mini Computer
  • Can be attached to Peerless-AV Modular Series single screen mount (MOD-FPMS) or Flat Panel Straight Column Mount (PLCM-2)
  • Attachment angles allow for efficient and discreet placement
  • Slide cover in back of unit allows for quick access
  • Complete enclosure provides safety and security