Middle Atlantic Legrand UPS Remote Mgmt SNMP Network Card, UPS-LIP-1

Mfg Part # UPS-LIP-1
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Middle Atlantic Legrand UPS Remote Management SNMP Network Card allows the user to remotely control the UPS and monitor its current status remotely or from any off site location. Configure an IP address and access from a web browser to have control and monitoring of UPS status and alerts, parameters and thresholds, and the ability to auto reboot. It features:

  • SNMP MIB: Monitor UPS status
  • 10M/100M Fast Ethernet: Automatically detect and exchange
  • Wake-on-LAN function: Remotely power on or wake up from sleep mode
  • Supported Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SSH, IPV4/IPV6, DHCP
  • Shutdown Wizard: Prevent data loss from power outage and safely shut down systems
  • Event Log Storage: 200,000+ threads, including UPS warnings, faults, EMD warnings, and operation data logs from web users or ViewPower Pro users
  • Daily Reports: Event log and data log
  • Battery Testing: Scheduled UPS on/off and battery test
  • Real-Time Clock: Record log with date and keeps running up to 7 days without power connected