Middle Atlantic PowerCore Isolation System (RKMT, 5kVA, 208V) EP-CORE-5R-208

Mfg Part # EP-CORE-5R-208
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Middle Atlantic PowerCore™ Isolation Systems provide protected, same-phase, isolated, and conditioned 120VAC circuits to power residential AV systems. It features:

  • Provides a new neutral-ground bond and newly derived A V reference ground directly inside the rack, where it is most beneficial.
  • Six 20A Isolated Ground Branch Circuits; one circuit can be hardwired, extending the AV reference ground and providing noise immunity to remotely located equipment.
  • Ultra-fast 100,000A 2-Stage Surge and Spike Protection with dry contact status notification protects connected devices from damage due to power line surges and spikes.
  • Integrated Adjustable-Delay Power Sequencing provides system control and protection.
  • Input Voltage Monitoring with auto-disconnect protects equipment from damage caused by sustained over/under voltage conditions. Auto-recovery ensures minimum system downtime.
  • Safety Ground Current Monitoring with automatic shutdown ensures system integrity and helps provide life safety protection.
  • Equipment Ground Leakage Monitoring alerts system to potential problems that may lead to AV system noise.
  • Dry-contact System Status Notification allows tight integration with control systems and enables a rapid response.
  • Re-boot Equipment & Initiate Power Sequencing remotely through dry contact control.
  • Integrated Power Line Conditioning filters out high frequency power line noise across all branch circuits.
  • All Circuits are on the Same Phase, which further reduces system noise through the elimination of the additive effects of cross-phase currents.
  • Connect Control Systems to dedicated un-switched outlets (always on).