Middle Atlantic PowerCore Isolation System (15kVA, 208V) EP-CORE-15-208

Mfg Part # EP-CORE-15-208
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Middle Atlantic PowerCore™ Isolation System helps eliminate most common causes of hum and buzz, helps remove ground loop problems and prevents most control system reboots and lockups. It features:

  • Multi-functional unit provides protected and conditioned "same-phase" power, a new neutral-ground bond, and a new separately derived reference ground for residential home theaters and AV systems
  • Eliminates most common causes of hum and buzz -including lighting system dimming noise, removes ground loop problems
  • Prevents most control system reboots and lockups
  • Eliminates the need for expensive rackmount surge/spike protection and power conditioners while providing dedicated power circuits for not only AV in the rack, but also for phone and security systems and TV’s in bedrooms
  • 160,000 Amps of surge and spike protection with remote notification
  • Double electrostatic (Faraday) shields for voltage spike and noise attenuation
  • Passively vented – no fans required
  • Heavy-duty components and construction for long life
  • UL Listed in USA and Canada