Elite Screens Lunette2 Curved Frame Projection Screen (2.35:1) CURVE235

Mfg Part # Curve235-115W2
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The Lunette has a special curve fixed frame projection screen that directly enhances the aesthetic appeal of the presentation by giving its viewers the sensation of being physically drawn into the film. As an added benefit, the curve design eliminates the “pincushion effect” commonly experienced when projecting in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Pincushion effect is when the top and bottom center of a widescreen projection appear to droop inward. It occurs because as the length of an aspect ratio increases, the light from the projector must travel a greater distance to the sides of the screen than it does to the center distorting the size of the footprint. Elite's curve design brings the sides of the screen forward to even out the projection footprint resulting in a perfectly formatted image. In addition to this, it creates a sense of immersion that only a curved screen can provide. It features:

  • New rubber-edge border makes installation a lot easier and a lot less time consuming
  • New installation kit is included free of charge
  • Installation kit includes: Woods screws & anchors, Wall Brackets, Screwdriver, Mallet
  • Velvet covered 3.5"width aluminum frame border
  • Sliding wall mount is horizontally adjustable for easy picture centering
  • 160° Viewing Angle for wide diffusion uniformity
  • Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration
  • Adjustable fix plates provide equal tension over the entire projection surface
  • 4K Ultra HD Ready
  • Two-year, limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Click HERE for Detailed Specifications
  • 115" Diagonal: 45.1"H x 106.0"W viewing space
  • 125" Diagonal: 49.0"H x 115.2"W viewing space
  • 138" Diagonal: 54.0"H x 126.9"W viewing space
  • 166" Diagonal: 65.0"H x 152.8"W viewing space

*Screen size is determined by diagonal measurement.

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