Elite Screens Insta-RP2 Series Self-Adhesive Rear Projection Film INSTA-RP2

Mfg Part # IRP100V2, IRP123H2, IRP114X2
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The Insta-RP2 Screen is a self-adhesive optical rear projection screen film suitable for commercial applications such as store windows, resorts, restaurants and nightclubs. The Insta-RP2 is the ideal solution for wherever a permanent rear projection display is needed. It features:

  • Self-adhesive optical rear projection material
  • Textured PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) with diffusion layer
  • 2.2 gain with 180º wide diffusion uniformity
  • Material is easy to clean and maintain
  • Angular projection setup for elimination of "hot-spot"
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  • 100" Diagonal - 4:3 Ratio: 60.0" H x 80.0" W usable area
  • 114" Diagonal - 16:10 Ratio: 60.0" H x 96.0" W usable area
  • 123" Diagonal - 16:9 Ratio: 60.0" H x 106.6" W usable area
  • 5' H x 20' W: 60.0" H x 240.0" W usable area
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