Da-Lite 14552 Tensioned Designer Contour Electrol (HD Pro 0.9, 16:10, Agility Battery Motor, 94 Inch)

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Da-Lite Tensioned Designer Contour Electrol with Agility Battery Motor option is a ceiling or wall-mounted electric projection screen offering simple installation with the benefit of a smaller housing and flexibility of wire-free installation. It features:

  • Ideal for no-fuss installations or where flexibility is required to retrofit historic buildings or environments when wiring electricity becomes prohibitive
  • Lithium-ion battery last over 200 cycles on a single charge via micro USB port
  • Requires no wiring or electrician
  • Tensioning Cable System to prevent warping and ensure even lateral tensionSmaller case size: 4-5/8" high x 4-3/32" deep
  • All sizes standard with 2" of black drop
  • Support includes a comprehensive five-year warranty to keep you confident in your purchase
  • Decora-style, three-button wall switch
  • Standard black backing retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces
  • Seamless surfaces
  • Standard white powder-coated finish; available in black upon request

Options (sold separately):

  • WiFi bridge accessory allows for wireless connection to a mobile app where the screen can be controlled up and down as well as battery life indication. Additionally, the accessory allows for control through a third-party device
  • PoE 5V micro USB adapter accessory keeps the battery charged between uses. Connect when needed, or leave connected for maintenance free operation.

HD Progressive 0.9

  • Ideal for high output projectors
  • Light Gray surface achieves a perfect balance between color reproduction and image contrast
  • Can be cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Flame retardant and mildew resistant
  • Half Angle: 85º
  • Viewing Cone: 170º
  • Gain: 0.9


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