Auralex Acoustics Sunburst Broadband Absorbers 4 Convex and 4 Concave Panels (Burgundy) SUNBUR

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Sunbursts Broadband Absorbers are a proprietary Auralex product and are truly one of a kind! They feature a smart and unique male/female configuration that helps solve quite a wide range of acoustical problems. Because they offer a significant amount of both low frequency control in particular & broadband absorption overall, they work well in rooms that don't have corners available for treatment with LENRDs or where you don't need or desire large expanses of absorbent wall or ceiling treatment. The concave Sunburst acoustic broadband absorbers are often cut in half and used as "mini-LENRDs" or to frame Studiofoamed areas. They look great and deliver truly linear broadband performance!


  • Includes 4 Convex (male) and 4 Concave (female) Pieces - see second image above for differentiation
  • Eliminates Standing Waves And Flutter Echoes
  • Reduces Unwanted Reflections
  • Decreases Slap-Back And Room Ring
  • Precision Surface Profiling
  • High quality StudioFoam will not crumble or deteriorate with age
  • Easy installation
  • Also available in Purple or Charcoal, see related products below.

The Sunbursts can also be purchased as a standalone system, with the Sunbursts mounted onto mobile stands. See SUN360 in related products below.

Suggested Adhesive: 1 Foamtak canister or 3 Tubetak tubes per 96 sq ft (sold separately).

  Overall NRC:
  Convex: 1.10 Concave: 1.05

Overall Dimensions:

  • Convex: 48"H x 12"W x 7"D
  • Concave: 48"H x 12"W x 6"D
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