Auralex Acoustics Standard LENRD Bass Traps HALF PACK (Burgundy Pack of 4) LENBUR_HP

Auralex Acoustics Standard LENRD Bass Traps HALF PACK (Burgundy Pack of 4) LENBUR_HP

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More on the Auralex Acoustics Standard LENRD Bass Traps HALF PACK (Burgundy Pack of 4) LENBUR_HP below.

LENRD stands for Low-End Node Reduction Device. As you may know, a resonance bump in a room's frequency response is called a room node. Now, thanks to LENRD bass traps, you can achieve the low frequency sound control other companies can't give you. Bass traps substantial enough to control nodes have always been expensive to buy or intricate and time-consuming to build, but not anymore! LENRD Bass Traps are extremely effective at smoothing out low frequency room nodes at a price that anybody can afford. Studiofoam® Bass Traps are lightweight and easy to install using Auralex EZ-Stick Pro™ peel and stick tabs, Tubetak Pro™ or Foamtak™ adhesives.


  • HALF PACK- Includes Four panels
  • High-quality acoustical absorption foam construction
  • High density, open-celled acoustical foam absorbs low frequencies to smooth out a room's overall bass response
  • Yields a more balanced listening environment by controlling bass build up and cancellation throughout a room
  • Auralex's proprietary melamine-free Studiofoam formula is long-lasting and won’t deteriorate or crumble with age.

These bass traps are also available in a pack of 8, as well as in your choice of colors: charcoal, burgundy, or purple to match any studio decor. See related products below.

This product is also available in a MegaLENRD model, which is twice the length and width of standard models. See realted products below.

Suggested Adhesive: 1 Foamtak canister or 2 Tubetak tubes per box (sold separately).

Weight: Total Coverage:
 10 lbs  8 linear feet

Additional Specifications:

  • Panels Per Order: 4
  • Individual Panel Size: 2 ft. long x 1 ft. wide x 1 ft. deep
  • NRC: 1.50
Manufacturer Details 

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Condition: new
UPC: 818105007530
Color: Red, Burgundy
Height: 24 in.
Width: 12 in.
Depth: 12 in.
Weight: 10 lbs.
Delivery Options: Free Shipping
Manufacturer AURALEX
Mfg Part # LENBUR_HP