Auralex Acoustics Pro Plus Roominator Sound Control Kit (Purple and Charcoal) ROOMPROPLUSPUR

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Auralex's Pro Plus Roominator™ Kit is an Acoustical Sound Control System that offers an easy, affordable solution for sound control problems in common-sized rooms. Each kit is designed for easy installation with no formulas, no detailed dimensional mathematics and no physics required! Roominator kits span a wide variety of applications, addressing the acoustic and aesthetic needs of both small project studios and demanding, professional mix/mastering environments. Eliminate unwanted slap and flutter echo with easy spot treatment! With Roominators, everyone from the novice to the pro can sound their best!

The Pro Plus Roominator acoustic sound control kit is designed primarily for rooms with a floor square footage of 250-400 ft/sq. The shortest room dimension should be 12-16 feet.

One Pro Plus kit includes:

  • 36 Studiofoam Wedge panels in Purple. (Each measuring 2 in. x 24 in. x 24 in.)
  • 12 LENRD Bass Traps in Charcoal Gray.
  • 8 T'Fusor 3D Sound Diffusors.
  • 224 EZ-Stick Pro Tabs Adhesive Tabs.

The panels feature:

  • High-quality acoustical absorption foam will not crumble or deteriorate with age.
  • Easy installation, using included adhesive tabs.
  • 3 available color choices: Charcoal Gray, Burgundy, and Purple. See related products below.

Try Auralex's new RLX Room Layout Express app. It is an automated treatment app that is specifically designed to give instantaneous recommendations for various small room types. The app is both easy to use and returns immediate results. To begin, simply select your “Room Type”. If your room fits more than one, select the one that best fits your situation. You can also use the “Edit Room” function to view multiple results for the same dimensions previously entered. The kit recommendations are based on both the type of room selected, and the suggested amount of necessary acoustic treatment required based on your specific square footage with Auralex's comprehensive line of Absorption, Bass Trapping, and Diffusion products.

Click Here for the Roominator Designer Series User Guide.


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