Auralex Acoustics 4 inch Wedge StudioFoam Sound Absorption Panels 2x4 ft (Burgundy Pack of 6) 4SF24BUR

Mfg Part # 4SF24BUR
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4 inch Studiofoam Wedges are recommended for rooms with pronounced low frequency problems or where sonic accuracy is mandatory and maximum acoustic absorption is required. Such as voiceover or drum booths, forensic audio labs, and mastering rooms. 4 inch Studiofoam Wedges provide three times the low-end control of the 2 inch Studiofoam and can effectively tame even the worst sonic anomalies. In some instances, using 4 inch acoustic Studiofoam can even lessen the need for significant dedicated bass trapping.


  • 6 individual panels (measuring 2 ft. x 4 ft. each and 4 inches thick).
  • High-performance sound control, intended for low-frequency sound waves.
  • Anechoic wedge cut offers superior sound absorption.
  • Eliminates standing waves and flutter echoes.
  • Reduces unwanted reflections.
  • Decreases slap-back and room ring.
  • Precision surface profiling.
  • Sturdy and durable foam construction that will not crumble with age.
  • Absorbs up to 60% better than other brands.
  • Optional wall or ceiling installation.

Studiofoam Wedges are available in four popular thicknesses, 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch. They are also available in 2 panel sizes: 2 x 2 ft. and 2 x 4 ft. Choose from three colors: Charcoal, Burgundy, or Purple. See related products below for these additional options.

Suggested Adhesive: 1 Foamtak canister or 3 Tubetak tubes per box (sold separately).

Weight: Total Coverage:
 100 lbs.  48 sq ft.

Additional Specifications:

  • Panels Per Box: 6
  • Individual Panel Size: 4"H x 24"W x 48"D
  • Flame Retardancy Rating: Class B
  • Overall NRC: 1.10
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