AVF Pair of Side Clamp Universal Speaker Mounts (Black) EAK70B-A

Mfg Part # EAK70B-A
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PreOrder Item! Available Late December 2020.
Price: $69.99

The EAK70B-A is a set of 2 universal speaker mounts. Each mount features an adjustable side clamping base that accommodates speakers from 5.6 inches to 12.5 inches in width. Each mount supports a speaker up to 44 lbs. Adjustments include upward tilt of 5 degrees and downward tilt of 15 degrees. Distance from wall of 10.5 inches. Installation into stud or solid wall is required.


  • Universal side-clamping design fits most speaker mounts
  • Accommodates most speakers from 5.6 inches to 12.5 inches in width and 44 pounds
  • Upward tilt: 5 degrees
  • Downward tile: 15 degrees
  • Width adjustment of 5.7 inches to 12.5 inches
  • Distance from the wall: 10.5 inches
  • Includes Hardware for Solid Wall and Stud-Wall Installation

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2 lbs.

 5.1"H x 12.6"W x 9.6"D

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