Audio Visual Furniture Cisco Quad or Room Camera Bracket, BKT-ROOM

Mfg Part # BKT-ROOM
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AVFI’s BKT-ROOM allows you to mount the Cisco Quad Camera (Room Kit Plus) or Cisco Room Camera (Room Kit) onto AVFI mounts, stands, tripod or flat surface. BKT-ROOM is a taller version of BKT-QUADCAM with better cable clearance. It features:

  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Black finish available
  • Converts vertical wall mount to horizontal mount
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Accommodates standard HDMI cable head clearance
  • Fits AVFI mounts, tripod or flat surface
  • Fits AVFI products: MM1232, PM2-S, PM2-D, PM2-XL, 526RW, 36RW, MC1000, PM-XFL, PM-S-FL, TP800, TP1000, TP1200, TVCB, TVCB-XL & CBB-TV
  • Requires TVCB to fit AVFI stands: SYZ40, SYZ80, SYZ84, SYZ90, TP200-WM, LFT7000, LFT7000FS, LFT7000WM, LFT8800WM-XL, PM-XFL-LIFT & TP4000-WM